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Uzbek Brides: Other Agencies:
One-time fee! Continuous monthly membership fees (this makes them interested in keeping you searching for your bride as long as possible - just to get more money from you.)
No group services. Personal services only!!! Group services only.
No hidden costs! Constantly demanding more and more money for hidden costs.
Each of the ladies we will get you: is real, single, and ready to get married. Are their women real? Are they available? Do they guarantee the good intentions of their women?
We deliver your letters, flowers, etc. by hands! They don't care!
We don't charge you for correspondence with our women. It's free! They will charge you for every letter!
If you request, we can get you a woman who speaks, writes, and understands English! You don't need to pay for any translation services! They will charge you a lot of money for translating all your letters and all letters sent to you!
We are here to get our clients with our ladies together. We really marry people! They just sell addresses. Many of their women are fake, scam, unavailable or already married.
We know personally every our lady! They don't know their women.
We do additional help for you when you get closer and closer to meet your lady. They won't help you with anything.
If you come: we will meet you here, place in a nice hotel, arrange a romantic dinner, and prepare a tour with your lady to the most exotic locations of the country. Many use old nasty apartments and real bad services if you go to visit.
Your own personal assistant for entire time while you are here. 4 translators for 40 men and no one else to help.
We will even prepare some back-up arrangements for you, if it doesn't work out with the lady you came to meet with. We don't want you to waste your money! They will say: "Sorry, we can't help. Bye-bye!"
Actual photos of women that we find you. Model type photos, which are not real.
If you want us to send your gift to the lady, we will do that and show a photo of her and your gift as a proof of delivery. She will also confirm that in her personal letter. Most offer no proof of delivery.
We arrange personal meetings with our ladies for as long as your need. They put you in the dark restaurant with 300 ladies, 40 men and 4 translators for 3 hours.
We hold your hand through out the whole process. Our reward is your happiness! Once they get your money - they don't do much for you - as they want money from others.

Hope, we have convinced you that we are better than all others.

While you are still hesitating to join in, someone else may have already started relationships with your dream lady. And he will eventually have more chances in winning her heart than you. Don't let this happen! Don't wait! Join now!

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